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Annoying Beeping Office Prank / Joke / Dick Noise Maker / Annoy-A-Tron / Cricket

Annoying Beeping Office Prank / Joke / Dick Noise Maker / Annoy-A-Tron / Cricket

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Sir-Beeps-A-Lot Revision 1.2 Dick Variant is a clone of the now out of production Annoy-A-Tron.

The device can be hidden in an office, home, car, whatever, and when activated, will beep once every 5-60 minutes, at random. That means it is very tough for the victim to find the device! This beep length and volume has been slightly modified based on feedback from the first run. That is to say the beep is slightly quieter and shorter. Even tougher to find, and just as annoying! Also it's dick shaped!

Simply insert the battery to turn the device on and off. Instructions for battery insertion can be found in the images.

I've specially programmed these so they sleep between beeps (saving power!), so when activated, these can last up to 18 months.

Ideas for Usage

  • Hide in co-worker's cubicle at work
  • Hide in friend's car
  • Hide in spouse's office
  • Hide in target's briefcase or backpack before a big meeting


This run was originally limited to 50 units, but has been expanded due to high demand.

Note: Message in upper right may not appear on newer units due to minor design change.
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good seller, good product

a liitle bit bigger that i thinked, but it seems to be good product