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Caboose Customs Co.

Bypass Bar, Non-Metallic

Bypass Bar, Non-Metallic

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The Caboose Customs Co. Bypass Bar is a precision engineered take on the classic bypass tool using a super strong non-metallic FR-4 glass-reinforced epoxy laminate material. Bypass doors, windows, latches, hinges, and anything that can be pushed or pulled! A must have for security professionals!

This is the only non-metallic bypass bar on the market!

This incredibly versatile tool features three different tools, and aims to be the ideal covert bypass tool, at only 1.6mm thick, and featuring a matte black color.

Want customization? Add a key ring, handles, or paracord with the built-in 5mm holes.


  • Matte black color - doesn't attract attention
  • Non-metallic - made from FR-4 glass-reinforced epoxy laminate. NOT plastic. Super strong!
  • Compact size! 6" long x 3/4" wide x 0.063" thick
  • Customizable to your needs with two 5mm holes! Add a key ring, paracord, or handles!
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