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Daisy Red Ryder Carnival Cork Conversion Sight & Muzzle - SHOOT CORKS AND BBS

Daisy Red Ryder Carnival Cork Conversion Sight & Muzzle - SHOOT CORKS AND BBS

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A NEW and Improved EASY INSTALL Muzzle Plug and Sight Design allowing for shooting of CORKS AND BBs for the Daisy Red Ryder!

The Red Ryder is a heck of a lot of fun, but could only shoot BBs... Until now!

This improved front sight and muzzle device not only allows shooting corks, but also BBs, all while also providing improved sight picture over original front post. Don't overspend on a cork conversion rifle without a front sight, when you can buy this product that allows you to do it all!

The part adds 0.75" in length to the muzzle of the gun.

This part is 3d printed from high quality black PLA plastic and installs in seconds! This part is all you need to get your Red Ryder shooting even better!

To install, simply remove the old muzzle plug by prying it out with a screw driver, and push the new one into place. Fit of this muzzle device is tight (to allow for best performance) and I recommend using a rubber mallet if you want to remove the muzzle device.

For cork use, shoots #3 tapered corks or 1/2" (.50 cal) round agglomerated cork balls. Use balls for better accuracy! When shooting corks, make sure rifle is clear of all BBs!

For BB use, simply fill shot tube as you usually would with BBs.

CORKS NOT INCLUDED. This auction is for the muzzle only.
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