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Caboose Customs Co.

MS-L2-HOG 880nm IR &Green Strobe Marker Distress Device Night Vision Beacon

MS-L2-HOG 880nm IR &Green Strobe Marker Distress Device Night Vision Beacon

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Created per the request of many users of my other devices, introducing the MS-L2-HOG, an IR and green strobe combination made for hog hunting. This device was designed for teams of hog hunters with and without night vision equipment.

Working with a team without NVGs and want to avoid friendly fire incidents? Human eyes can see the green LED, but hogs cannot!

Working with a team with NVGs? Use the IR mode for positive identification invisible to animals, and only visible to humans with NVGs.

The Caboose Customs Co. MS-L2-HOG infrared beacon is a low cost, feature rich option for distress, signaling, use as helmet strobe, and positive identification of items of interest. This includes personnel, structures, landing zones, routes, and passages.

You cannot see the IR light from this beacon with your naked eye. You can view the beacon marker with any night vision device, such as the AN/PVS-7, AN/PVS-14 or similar NVGs. The green light however, is visible to NVGs and the human eye.

The beacon will start flashing when you attach a standard CR2032 button cell battery (included) and the switch is turned to "Green" or "IR". You can stop the flashing by moving switch to "Off", or removing the battery. Please see last image for battery insertion instructions.

  • Model: MS-L2-HOG
  • Brand: Caboose Customs Co.
  • Attachment Method: Various
  • Battery: Requires One (1) x CR2032 Battery (included)
  • Runtime: Up to 150 hours
  • Wavelength: 880nm (IR) and 550nm (Green)
  • IR light only visible through night vision devices (NVGs), green light visible via NVGs or human eye
Instructions for Use:
  • To Turn On: Place positive side of CR2032 up, and under tabs on right hand side of device. Refer to final image of this listing for visual instructions. Flip switch to "GRN" or "IR".
  • To Turn Off: Flip switch to "OFF"
  • Waterproofing: Included bag can be used to help waterproof device.
For Helmet Use:

Attach 2.25" x 1" hook (hard) side to MS-L2-HOG device. Device can now be placed on any loop (soft) that are commonly found on helmets.

For MOLLE or 1" Strap Use:
  • Use integrated hooks
To Permanently Disable:
  • Cut along indicated line with scissors or other cutting tools. NOTE: cutting alone line will PERMANENTLY DESTROY DEVICE.

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